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Samsung hired a team to head out to the Apple Store on Regent Street in London last night to hand out pillows and blankets to people waiting in line. Isn’t that sweet?

But here’s where things get trollrific.

These bright blue blankets, water bottles and pillows had the hashtag #NextIsNew printed on them, and the team Samsung hired to hand them out did not identify themselves as being in Samsung’s employ. Better yet, the bright blue color of Samsung’s gifts matches Apple Store employees’ shirts exactly.

As it turns out, #NextIsNew is a Samsung hashtag, and the company was trying to make Apple fans look stupid by advertising a Samsung marketing scheme while waiting in line for an iPhone 6s.

“They were given to us by Apple,” one Apple fan in line outside the Regent Street store told International Business Times. His friend had looked up the hashtag though, and quickly corrected him: “No man, it was Samsung, I did a littleresearch.”